Salman Khan’s Birthday 2023: Exploring Bhai’s Net Worth, Best Film Earnings, Bigg Boss, and More

Salman Khan, a name that has become synonymous with Bollywood for almost three decades now some know him as a superstar, while for others, he’s the beloved ‘Bhai’ who prefers following the ‘Being Human’ ideology.

Over his 35-year-long career as an actor, Salman has led over a hundred films, most of which have been successful at the box office. Among the prominent Khans in Bollywood, Salman has ridden the peaks of greatness and touched deep lows, but he has successfully maintained a massive fan base. However, in recent years, Salman has seen a downturn with his films struggling at the box office and failing to resonate with the audience. Despite this, the performance of his films hasn’t dented the actor’s star power. Could this be a time for a reinvention for Salman Khan?

On Salman Khan’s birthday occasion, we engage with film professionals and industry experts to explore the expectations from a personality of his stature and how he could rejuvenate his career in 2023, following a path akin to Shahrukh Khan’s resurgence.

Beginnings and Family Background

Salman commenced his career in 1988 with the film ‘Biwi Ho To Aisi’ and has never looked back since then. Apart from his successful acting career, Salman is also a film producer and the host of the television reality show Bigg Boss. Born into the family of Salim Khan and Salma Khan, he has two brothers, Arbaaz Khan and Sohail Khan, and two sisters, Alvira Khan Agnihotri and Arpita Khan.

Salman Khan’s Estimated Net Worth

According to media reports, Salman Khan’s estimated net worth is over ₹2,900 crores, leading to an annual income of around ₹220 crores and a monthly income of approximately ₹16 crores. His earnings stem not only from acting and endorsements but also from his business ventures and investments.

Diverse Earnings and Ventures

Apart from his acting and endorsements, Salman Khan owns a film production firm established in 2011 and also holds ownership in the clothing brand ‘Being Human,’ which has expanded its reach in Europe and the Middle East. Lifestyle Asia’s report indicates that Salman Khan charges about ₹100 crores per film and earns around ₹300 crores annually from brand endorsements.

Diversified Investments and Assets

Salman Khan owns a 5% stake in the travel company and has invested in a platform named Chingari for short videos. His assets include a residence at Galaxy Apartments in Bandra, valued at around ₹100 crores, a bungalow in Gorai, and a farmhouse in Panvel spanning 150 acres. His collection of cars and bikes includes several luxurious vehicles like Audi, Range Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, and various motorcycles.

Hosting Bigg Boss and Other Ventures

According to reports, Salman Khan is reportedly paid ₹25 crores weekly for hosting the highly popular reality show Bigg Boss, equating to an earning of roughly ₹12.5 crores for each weekend episode. His successful hosting on Bigg Boss has garnered immense popularity among audiences, resulting in his selection as the host for the second season of the show’s OTT version.

Does Salman Khan Need a Major Change?

Filmmaker Anees Bazmee, who directed Salman in films like “No Entry” (2005) and “Ready” (2011), believes that what Salman does, no one else can. While he doesn’t think Salman needs a rebranding, Bazmee feels that ‘Bhai’ should once again delve into comedy and choose subjects that excite the audience.

Since I have worked with him, over the years, I have only seen him evolve and improve. He has always done good work, but in the last decade, he has been doing even better. His long-standing in the industry speaks volumes about his capabilities.”

The filmmaker believes that Salman needs to step out of his “macho hero” image a bit and get back to doing comedy because ‘the time demands it.’ He added, “I don’t think when it comes to his work, he needs a major change. However, I remember how fantastic he was in ‘No Entry.’ I think we should make comedy films.”

Recent Performance and Challenges

Among the recent releases of Salman Khan, such as “Radhe,” “Antim,” and “Kabhi Eid Kabhi Diwali,” none met the expectations at the box office. Trade analysts have indicated a ‘content meltdown’ in some of his recent releases. Despite earning around 400 crores at the box office, Salman’s “Tiger 3” remained among the less talked-about films this year.

In fact, Shahrukh Khan’s appearance in the film ‘Pathan’ received more love compared to Salman’s recent releases. Discussing this trend, business expert Komal Nahata suggests that it’s time for the actor to focus on scripts because “if the content is not good, no stardom will come to your rescue.”

Nahata commented that it seems like he’s opting for films that cannot perform miracles at the basic script level. So, he needs to change his preferences and be cautious in choosing films. A film can only be as good as its script; if the content isn’t good, no stardom can save it. On the contrary, if the content is good, the lack of stars won’t hinder the film’s success.

So, I think he needs to be very careful about this, about what kind of films he needs to make. In my opinion, he needs to work with better directors. I don’t think he’s working with the right kind of directors who can negotiate with his superstardom and keep him in check.”

Nahata also emphasizes the need for the actor to “focus on his acting” and not let sequences like those in ‘Kabhi Eid Kabhi Diwali’ where his hairstyle changes midway affect the film. Today, audiences are very smart; they seek respect. Therefore, I think he needs to change his perspective entirely towards selection and then shooting. He should work with top-line directors and give them complete freedom. Instead of getting involved in music, songs, dialogues, and the screenplay, he should focus on his acting.”

Moving Forward

Looking at Salman’s career graph, film exhibitor Vishesh Chauhan suggests that after the grand entry with “Maine Pyar Kiya” followed by regular love stories like “Kurbaan,” it’s time for Salman to surprise the audience once again with his acting prowess. He said, “If you look at Salman’s career graph, he made a big splash with ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’ and then did some regular love stories like ‘Kurbaan.'”

Chauhan emphasized that it’s time for Salman to step away from his ‘macho hero’ image and astonish the audience with his acting skills once again.


In conclusion, while Salman Khan remains an iconic figure in Bollywood, there’s a growing consensus among industry experts that it’s time for him to reassess his film choices, delve deeper into scripts, collaborate with adept directors, and prioritize his acting over peripheral aspects to rejuvenate his career and regain the audience’s confidence.

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